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Cauliflower and potato dry fry

Written By ambili valsan on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 | 8:16 PM

During school days in Delhi, I ate parantha and sabji from my friends lunch boxes everyday and they loved the idli, dosa and coconut chutney from mine. When I started cooking, I cooked and packed lunch boxes for dad, brother and myself. It always involved one dry vegetable and whole wheat rotis.

Cauliflower and potato – ‘aloo gobi sabji’ is one of my favourite...Cooking this recipe is always a nostalgic experience.

1 Medium sized Cauliflower -  washed cleaned and cut
1 Large potato – peeled and cut
(Put the chopped pieces of cauliflower and potatoes in a big bowl of water)
1 medium size tomato, chopped fine.
Green chillies – 2 to 3
Ginger – coarsely grated
Cumin – a small spoon
Salt, turmeric powder, hint of red chilli powder, coriander powder
Garam masala
Coriader leaves
Vegetable oil or any cooking oil of your choice
Method : Take a spoon of oil in a pan. When hot, add cumin and when they pop, add grated ginger and green chillies. Reduce the flame, add turmeric, red chilli, coriander powder and mix well,  drain and add the soaked chopped cauliflower and potatoes to the pan  before the powdered masalas burn. The exact quantities of the masalas are not mentioned because they could be added depending on your taste requirement and  the quantity of vegetables used. Add salt and mix well.  Add the chopped tomatoes. Sprinkle water and cook the vegetables in low flame. Place a lid to seal the flavours in the pan for 5 to 6 minutes. Sprinkle more water and ensure the potatoes are cooked well. Add garam masala and mix. Garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves.

Serve cauliflower dry fry with a whole wheat parantha and fresh salads and curd. 
Toast whole wheat bread with garlic butter and serve this dish with cheese dip/green chutney and potato fries.

 Fresh peas, mashed paneer or carrots can also be added to this dish to make it wholesome for kids.


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