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Tuna Fish Pickle

Written By ambili valsan on Saturday, February 9, 2013 | 8:14 PM

Coming from Kerala in India where sea food is just as popular and easily available as here in Manila, we make all different dishes with any kind of fish. Pickle can be made and stored for a long period and makes a wonderful add to your dinner plate any day. Yellow finned tuna was an easy choice for this recipe I learnt from my aunts from back home. We also make prawn pickle of the same recipe which is a hot favorite among family and friends.

Ingredients :
Fish : cleaned, bones removed n chopped small enuf for pickle.
Ginger(a big piece)
(Make paste of half of the ginger & garlic. Finely chop the rest and mix with finely chopped greenchillies and keep aside)

Small spoon of fenugreek seeds roasted & powdered
Redchilli powder
Turmeric powder
Soya sauce 

Drain fish of any water after washing and marinate with salt, redchilli powder, turmeric powder,  ginger garlic paste and vinegar. Keep the marinated fish for few hrs in the fridge. Ideally marinate and refrigerate the previous day & complete the rest the following day.

Keep fish out to defrost..Take a non stick pan(big enough to hold n mix the entire pickle contents) with oil enough to deep fry, fry the marinated fish, Ensure all sides are fried well. When done remove the fish..& use the same left over oil to fry the finely chopped green chillies ginger n garlic (this adds volume to the pickle - if u like the flavors you can actually put lots n keep garlic chunky big pieces if u like) add salt n red chilli powder n keep stirring until the aroma is out. Add some vinegar, the methiseeds powder, soya sauce toss the fried fish in and mix well. Let the vinegar & soya sauce evaporate n leave the sides.  (Pls note  salt, red chilli n vinegar is meant to make it pickle-pungent so put small quantity at a time but keep tasting & keep adding as much required)

Let it cool..bottle in a glass jar & refrigerate.


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Divz said...

hey ambili...congrats on ur first post!! finally dreams realised!! all the best..

ambili valsan said...

Thanks...lets see how I progress with postings ;)

Radhika said...

Ambuss.. its awesome!!!!!!.... the pics are very classy n u have put in some serious effort..the dishes sure looks mouth watering.. the blog is helpful for ppl like me as well wherein i have no clue half the vegetables that you get here...:). keep writing.,.!!!!!